It is a wise decision to spay or neuter your pet regardless of whether or not you intend to have your animal in the house or outdoors. Did you know that a lot of behavioral issues arise from pets who are not spayed or neutered? If you’ve ever had a cat decide to mark its territory in your home, you’ve experienced a possible reason for that mishap. Even if the cat was fixed, he or she could have been spayed or neutered at a much later date than intended for felines.

There are other behavior issues that can be attributed to animals if you decide not to spay or neuter them. These other issues could be becoming aggressive towards other animals and possibly humans, extreme dominance struggles, and wandering the streets. If you have an unruly dog or cat who constantly defies your every word and they have not been fixed, you might want to consider scheduling an appointment with Zorn Animal Clinic.

Aside from the behavioral side of the map, you should consider the fees you will incur to ensure you dog or cat is healthy throughout their pregnancy and delivery. Additionally, if you are not able to sell or give away these adorable puppies or kittens, what happens to them next? A lot of people choose to drop them off at neighboring shelters and don’t think anything more about it. But thousands of animals are put down every year because they are not adopted from the shelters.

The fact that you are reading this page shows you care about your furry friend. Spay or neuter your animals. The expense up front is minimal compared to all the other health problems and headaches that could occur at a later date.