Common Pet Problems

Regardless of where you live, you’re likely to encounter some common pet problems, such as, dog fleas, ticks, and worms or cat fleas, ticks and worms. Don’t be alarmed, this does not mean you have done anything wrong; it just means your animal has been exposed at some point to another animal or environment in which these pests and parasites live.

There are some breeds more susceptible to internal parasites than others, so make sure you talk with one of our veterinarians if you’re concerned. There are a variety of medicines to help rid your furry friend and home of these common pet problems. From topical solutions to capsules, we are able to provide you and your pet with relief and good health.

Pet owners should not leave any of these common pet problems left unattended because other health issues might arise in you cat or dog. The Spring and Summer months are when you will notice an increase in dog fleas and ticks, as well as cat fleas and ticks. It does not take long for any of these conditions to spiral out of control.

Call to make an appointment for your cat or dog to take preventative measures before you are overrun with any of these pesky problems. Our staff is trained and experienced in providing you and your pet with the best veterinarian care. When you visit us, you are part of our family.